Episode 061 (Amy Lund) – Blueberry Lemon Sweet Rolls?? How to Grow a Bakery by Being Nice

What’s the best part of Christmas morning? I guess I should clarify and say the best part of Christmas morning after presents. The clear and obvious answer to me is the food! In my family we always have delicious Christmas breakfasts. And one of the Christmas staples for many people are cinnamon rolls. They are delicious.

Amy Lund grew up baking with her mom. In her mom’s words, “If you can read you can cook.” She took that literally and starting baking as a child with her family, and really loved it. After her husband and her got married in 2020 they were looking for another way to make some money, and after flirting with the idea of salsa and the risks (botulism is bad), she started selling her extremely popular cinnamon rolls out of her house.

These days, she has a rotating menu of sweets rolls (blueberry lemon and fruity pebbles are the best combos) and actually was able to quit her job at the end of 2021 and start spending all her time on The Dough Lady. If you want to hear more of her story, or drool from how good all her baked goods sound, this is the episode for you!


RUN, don’t walk to try some of Amy’s sweet rolls from The Dough Lady. She’s an amazing person with an amazing husband and support system, her business is booming, and if I say so myself she’s got the best buns in town.

Top Quotes

“Being kinder to myself is the biggest lesson I’ve learned.”

“I think if you can be kind, people will be kind back.”

“We expect perfection out of ourselves and that’s just not attainable.”


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