Episode 053 (Shannon Warr) – Recognizing You Aren’t Special Helps You Do Something Special

Shannon Warr is the owner and creator of Clad & Cloth, a women’s clothing boutique that has been blowing up since she started it just a few years ago. They have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers and have collaborated with some of the most influential people in the fashion world to create awesome, unique … Read more

Episode 052 (Brent Beck) – How a Personal Touch Built a Million-Dollar Company

*From now until 11/24/2021 you can receive 15% off any Grandpa Beck’s Games purchased on Amazon or grandpabecksgames.com when you use code “FREE2FAIL”* Brent Beck has always loved games. In fact, he proposed to his wife during a game of Scrabble. This love of games and creativity led him and his wife to start a business, Grandpa Beck’s Games, … Read more

Episode 051 (Kelley Higney) – Using Customer Feedback to Make Your Product the Best

Kelley Higney is an inspiration when it comes to business. She knows how to improve products with customer feedback, and her business, Bug Bite Thing, does exactly that. They do 8-figures in revenue annually, and was featured on Shark Tank, where she got a deal with Lori Greiner and received her Golden Ticket. Before she … Read more